Choose the type of newsletters that works for you.

Product/Service Cost
Print newsletter $1.25 per copy
Shipping per order $18.00
Folding1 per order $15.00
PDF newsletter $150 per quarter
One-time Fees Cost
Account setup2 $75
Image change3 $45
Back order fee4 $60

1 Newsletters can be folded for you to fit a size #10 envelope.
2 One-time setup fee to account for the time required to create your custom page 1.
3 Copy changes in your custom page 1 are complimentary. Headshot(s) and logo(s) are subject to this $45 fee. If you change several images at once, the fee is only applied one-time.
4 If you would like to order a previous issue of our newsletter, there is an additional $60.00 fee to add to the total of your order.