If you have a question that isn’t answered here, simply contact Florent Fischer at info@jacksonadvisormarketing.com or 647-417-1100 ext. 240 or toll-free at 1-866-244-1344 ext. 240.

Can I use a different title from Money Ideas?

Of course! The banner at the top of Page 1 is fully customizable by you. Give your newsletter a title that works for you and your own brand. Simply indicated that you want a ‘custom title’ and we’ll get you set up.

If I order under the ‘Annual Plan‘ can I still make changes to my personalization or order quantities?

Yes! Every quarter you’ll receive an email about the upcoming issue and a reminder of the deadline to make any changes. Just let us know of your changes before the deadline. Small changes to your personalization are free of charge; major changes to your personalization or a new custom title will incur a set-up fee. You can always add to your order quantity at the annual plan price of $1.49/copy but note that decreasing your quantity does not incur a refund.

Can I use this newsletter for my office of several advisors?

Yes! The left section of the first page of the newsletter is completely customizable by you. It can be a group picture with the contact information of each advisors of your office or individual pictures for each of your colleagues.

What is the minimum amount of print newsletters I must order per quarter?

The minimum order is 100 copies per order.

Can I still place an order if I miss the cut-off date?

Yes, under certain circumstances, however a $70 back order fee will be charged.