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LEFT BANNER: after you submit your form, we will contact you to setup your custom newsletter. The most efficient will be for you to share in an email or a Word file how you would like your left banner to look like. Please prepare pictures in the highest resolution you have available.

We have a seasonal message available each quarter but you’re welcome to use your own message.

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Investing (IIROC advisors)
Mutual Funds (MFDA advisors)
1 Not included shipping cost of $17.99 per quarter. Minimum order 100 copies.
2 Folding option cost of $17.99 per quarter.

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Product/Service Issue-by-issue plan Annual plan
Print newsletter $1.89 per copy $1.49 per copy
Shipping per order $17.99 $17.99
Folding1 per order $17.99 $17.99
PDF newsletter $189 $149
One-time Fees Issue-by-issue plan Annual plan
Account setup2 $100 $100
Image change3 $45 $45
Title banner change4 $75 $75
Back Order Fee5 $60 $60

1 Newsletters are folded for you to fit a size #10 envelope.
2 One-time setup fee to account for the time required to create your custom pages 1 and 4.
3 Copy changes in your custom pages 1 and 4 are complimentary. Headshot(s) and logo(s) are subject to this $45 fee. If you change several images at once, the fee is only applied one-time.
4 You can change the “IPC Advisor” title banner with your own. Please contact us to know the specs requirements to supply your custom title banner. If you need Jackson Advisor Marketing help with the design of a custom title banner, we can help and we will communicate a quote based on requirements. 5 If you would like to order a previous issue of our newsletter, there is an additional $60.00 fee to add to the total of your order.

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