Each quarter, I forward the Well-Advised newsletter, along with my own two-page letter, to my clients, friends and centres of influence. This provides four more “touches” each year and ensures no clients are missed. In 2003, I met a successful businessman at a dinner and he was interested in investments and to receive my newsletter. Three years later he called me said that he had read and found all my letters and the Well-Advised newsletter to be of value. His sister’s husband had passed away and he asked if I would make an investment proposal, which resulted in a new client account. A few weeks later, he called again and said he had seen my proposal to his sister. This result in another significant new client account. This would not have happened without my quarterly mailings. I have been a proponent of Assante’s Well-Advised newsletter program ever since.

Lionel T. Colman, BA, CPA, CA, CFP
Senior Financial Advisor
Assante Financial Management Ltd.

Our office has participated in the Assante Well-Advised newsletter for many years now, both hardcopy and email. I like that each edition includes numerous topics that speak to a variety of client demographics – retirees, business owners and growing families. Although the articles touch on deep, thought provoking topics, they do so in a way that is very easy for clients to understand and relate to. Having the articles provide timely information and education to my clients builds into our office’s holistic planning approach. It’s a very cost-effective way to stay top of mind and continue to provide ongoing value. We have used the newsletter not only with existing clients but also with prospective clients where included topics may relate to their circumstances. Our clients have told us numerous times how they appreciate receiving the newsletter and enjoy reading the articles.