If you have a question that isn’t answered here, simply contact Florent Fischer at info@jacksonadvisormarketing.ca or 647-417-1100 ext. 240 or toll-free at 1-866-244-1344 ext. 240.

When will the newsletters be published?

We’re producing Well-Advised four-times per year: January, April, July and September.

What format is the newsletter available in?

The newsletter is available in the following three formats:

  • Print – 17x11 in a 4-page booklet delivered directly to your office
  • PDF – 4-page PDF file sent to your email
  • Email – This is an email deployed by Jackson Advisor Marketing to your clients on your behalf. The email contains a short abstract and a link to each article hosted on your Veriday Digital Agent. This is available only for Veriday Digital Agent users. Articles will be uploaded directly on your Veriday Digital Agent once available.

Will I be able to see a preview of how the newsletter will look before I confirm my order?

Of course, we will send you an email every quarter with a preview of the newsletter as soon as it is available.

Can I use this newsletter for my office of several advisors?

Yes, the left section of the first page of the newsletter is completely customizable. It can include a group picture or individual professional pictures for each of your colleagues, and the contact information of each advisor at your office.

What is the minimum amount of print newsletters I must order per quarter?

The minimum order is 100 copies per order.

Is there a maximum amount of print newsletters I can order each quarter?

No, there is no maximum on the amount of print newsletters you can order each quarter.

Can I still place an order if I miss the cut-off date?

Yes, under certain circumstances, however a $60 late fee will be charged.

Is the newsletter available in French?

Yes, the newsletter is available in French, however only in email format and for Veriday Digital Agent users.